Muerto Loco – Dia de los Muertos Art

Heute stellen wir euch eine außergewöhnliche Künstlerin vor die unter anderem den beliebten Maria Statuen ein neues Gesicht verleiht! Muerto Loco von Bibi van de Laar hat bereits viele Wohnzimmer verschönert uns sorgt für einen Hingucker in jedem Raum! Hier zeigen wir euch ein paar Statuen und erzählen euch etwas über ihre Arbeit.


Muerto Loco (Bibi van de Laar) is a custom artist living in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Born in 1975. Growing up she loved to draw and decided that is what she wanted to do for a living. This ended up being a kids dream and didn’t happen, but she always kept an interest for being creative. One day she saw a customized statue at a tattoo convention which lead her to the idea of doing the same but in ‚Day of the Dead‘-style. Once a few statues were made Muerto Loco got noticed by the Popcorn Krew, an art-collective that specializes in custom art. The Popcorn Krew consists of: Captain Kahuna (Tiki-carver), Volle Glorie Letterschilder (signpainting and pinstriping) and Mad Works (Nose art). They decided to add Muerto Loco to the group and have been travelling the country and even abroad ever since to show their art and give demos at for instance festivals or tattoo conventions. There she has already sold statues to people from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France and many more. The four members of the Popcorn Krew always know how to turn their presence into a little party, making the Krew a welcome sight to see. Funny fact: years later Muerto Loco found out that that one statue that had inspired her to start making her statues had been made by her Popcorn-collegue Mr Volle Glorie. What a coincidence!! Muerto Loco makes ‚Day of the Dead‘-art or ‚Dia de los Muertos‘-art. She turns exisiting holy statues in colorful ‚Day of the Dead‘- statues. Even though some people find it offensive, Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican catholic holiday to honour the dead and remind us to enjoy life to the fullest! Inspired by this Muerto Loco uses bright colours and often glitters or flakes. This turns out to be a very bright holesome. Some of Muerto Loco’s statues aren’t painted in the specific ‚Dia de los Muertos‘-style, but get inspired by the things she likes and runs into in the punk rock/ rock n roll/ custom art scene. Muerto Loco doesn’t just use holy statues anymore but all sorts of statues she runs into and gets inspired by.

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